Frequently Asked Questions

Is each QR code unique? Or do all my labels/tags share the same QR code?

Each QR code label/tag is unique and can be assigned to a different item. That makes them easy to track, update, and delete any of them that gets shared by accident. 

How do I activate my labels and tags when I receive them?

The process if very simple and quick: attach each QR code label to an item, scan it with your smartphone camera, and activate it.

When you scan the first QR code, it will prompt you to create a free PingTag account that is included with your labels/tags, and to add your contact information.

Each subsequent QR code label/tag that you scan will be added to your account and automatically assigned your contact information.

Asset Recovery Label Placement

  • Place the asset recovery label on a clean dry area where it will not interfere with the intended function of your item. 
  • The label should be placed on the flattest possible surface.  
  • Scan the QR code with your phone to set up your account and you’re good to go!  

  • Can I order PingTag products for someone else?

    Absolutely!  You can purchase any product as a gift for someone else, and they can activate it and use it when you give it to them.

    What kind of service is included with the order?

    Each order includes a PingTag Lite membership for life at no additional cost, allowing you to add your contact information to your QR labels, to update them anytime, and to manage all your labels and tags in an easy-to-use dashboard.

    You can upgrade to PingTag Premium or Pro anytime to add more features to all labels in your account, such as privacy, location scan alerts, multiple contacts, custom landing pages, video uploads and document attachments.

    PingTag Lite                            PingTag Lite

    New Features Available with PingTag Premium!

    You can now attach PDF documents, spreadsheets, and other file formats to your QR codes, and instantly retrieve them by scanning those codes.  These public attachments enable you to share files with a wider audience by allowing anyone who scans the QR code to access the attached files. This feature is perfect for sharing public information like medical history, vaccination records, instruction manuals, and flyers.

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